About Us

Mantis Studios is an independent software company based in Chicago, IL.  We are the proud creators of Reverence: The Ultimate Combat Experience.

What is Reverence?

Reverence lets you experience a real sword fight.

Reverence is a realistic first and third person combat experience with the mission of providing total control and autonomy over movement. With full freedom to move however we want, a deeper level of immersion unfolds. This organic approach better captures the intangibles of real combat like the execution required to deliver the perfect strike. This is contrasted with the standard approach of pressing a button to trigger the same predefined animation each time.

Muscle Memory System

The body is complex and so it would be very difficult to control every joint in the body at once. For this reason, we have developed the Muscle Memory System. This allows us to setup customizable assumptions about how we want to want to move – this could be thought of as a simulation of hours of training. With Muscle Memory, we can use 2 axises (up,down,left,right) of input (i.e. mouse or gamepad) to control the movement of the shoulder. Based on the position of the shoulder, our finer arm movements (wrist rotation, forearm rotation, etc) will automatically adjust according to what we setup in Muscle Memory. However, we always have the ability to override any of these movement assumptions in real time.