Total Body Control

This video demonstrates the total body control available in Reverence, including twisting at the torso. This allows us to form unique stances on the fly.

Total Leg Control

This video shows the total leg control available in Reverence. We can adjust our crouch level or leg positions on the fly!

Dynamic Chopping

This short feature demo shows the dynamic chopping in Reverence – this means cuts/chops are calculated based on the angle and placement of a strike rather than a pre-defined event.

Physics Parrying

This short video demonstrates the physics based parrying in Reverence. Weapon movement and collisions are calculated based on the mass and velocity of the weapon.

Total Arm Control in Reverence

In Reverence, we can control the entire arm intuitively using the muscle memory system which I’ll cover in more depth in a future entry. However, for more precise control override the muscle memory to manipulate each joint of the arm individually. The ability to fine tune movements on the fly provides a player full freedom to react and adjust to unique circumstances on the fly. This organic approach better captures the execution necessary to land that critical strike at a crucial moment.